Billy's Personal Ministry
Billy Hale travels as an evangelist, singer, and advocate for the Country Gospel artist. He believes Christian music is one of God’s major vehicles for the preparation of Christ’s return. Billy works hard to encourage and facilitate the Country Gospel artists of America and abroad, rewarding their efforts and helping them reach their greatest potential.
Partners in ministry:
Billy and his wife, Donna
In his personal music ministry his songs are intended to present a relevant message, often with humor. He is most known for Country Gospel comedy.   His worship music adds emphasis to his teaching on the importance of spending time intimately loving God. Worship and humor may be opposite ends of the spectrum, but both are very much needed among God’s people.
Billy’s first love is teaching God’s Word with particular emphasis on Divine health, the authority of the believer, and worship.His goal is to teach Christians how to appropriate the covenant promises in God’s Word, and exercise control over the evil forces that threaten to diminish God’s purposes for their lives. He lives to serve both His Lord and those for whom Christ died. His nature is mild, his energy focused on the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and his heart dedicated to whatever pleases his Savior. 
Billy Hale