Special Recognition
1994 Radio Director of the Year  
(International Country Gospel Music Association)
1995 Radio Station of the Year
(Christian Country Music Association)
1996 Radio Personality of the Year
(International Country Gospel Music Association)
1997 Country Gospel Music Hall of Fame
(International Country Gospel Music Association)
1998 W. Lindsey Thompson Award
(International Country Gospel Music Association)
1999 & 2000 Country Gospel Pioneer Award
(Country Gospel Music Guild)
2000 Kentucky Colonel Award
(The state of Kentucky)
Billy doesn’t permit his name on the CGMA ballot, but has received numerous awards from it’s leadership.
While awards are only a token recognition by associates and peers, they represent how a person is perceived. Billy has never competed for an award or publicly acclaimed his achievements. He believes they are a means of opening doors for ministry. His faith in the motivation and influence of awards has driven him in the conveyance of over 1000 CGMA awards in the past six years.
Billy Hale